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Products of animal origin exported from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile to Russiadon’t need endorsement of the Rosselkhoznadzor representative

From June 29, 2019,  regulated products exported from  Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile to the Russian Federation are accompanied by veterinary certificates without an endorsements of the Rosselkhoznadzor representative.

This is due to the work carried out by the Rosselkhoznadzor and the Veterinary Services of Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile to organize interaction with foreign countries through electronic systems in the following forms:

– interaction of the Chilean information system with the Rosselkhoznadzor information systems for electronic veterinary certificate transfer;

– granting veterinary services in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay access to the Rosselkhoznadzor information systems.

This form of interaction is intended for the veterinary service of a foreign country to enter information on the issued veterinary certificates for regulated goods exported to the Russian consignees using the FGIS “Mercury. Notifications.” Module. 

Jul 1, 2019

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