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Rosselkhoznadzor Discussed Possibility of Mutual Deliveries of Products and Live Animals with National Service of Agrifood Health and Quality of Argentina

The videoconference between the Rosselkhoznadzor and the National Service of Agrifood Health and Quality of Argentina (SENASA) was held on April 17. The authorities discussed the harmonization stages of export veterinary certificates that will allow deliveries of a number of products from Argentina to Russia.

In particular the Rosselkhoznadzor notified SENASA that Argentinean veterinary certificates for export of cattle embryos, bull semen, breeding and sport horses, as well as gelatin and collagen to Russia are now being harmonized with other EAEU member-countries. Experts discussed the amendments proposed by Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The parties also discussed the issues of harmonization of a veterinary certificate for breeding cattle intended for export from Argentina to Russia. Last October the Rosselkhoznadzor sent proposals for amending the draft of the certificate previously received from SENASA. The Argentine side announced that it is now forming a position on this issue and hopes to forward an official response in the near future.

The SENASA representatives also indicated their interest in supplying fish meal to the Russian market and promised to send a draft certificate for initialization in the near future. In its turn the Russian side that is interested in feed exports to Argentina asked to forward the Argentine requirements for import of specified products.


Apr 22, 2019

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