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Results of Rosselkhoznadzor Delegation Visit to Indonesia

In the period from July 2 to July 5, 2018 the representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor paid a working visit to the Republic of Indonesia.

In the course of the talks with the Agricultural Quarantine Agency of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia the parties discussed the issues of expanding the list of grain crops exported from Russia. The Indonesian party reported that the information materials necessary for the access of corn, rye, soy previously forwarded by the Rosselkhoznadzor were at the final stage of consideration, and in July-August the Russian party would be informed about the possibility of corn and soy export to Indonesia, and in September-October – about the access of peas and rye. In order to expedite the access of some Russian grain crops to the Indonesian market and to increase Russian grain exports, the Rosselkhoznadzor considers ensuring the permanent presence of the Service representative in Indonesia.

The Quarantine Service of Semarang, as well as the representatives of importing companies assured the Rosselkhoznadzor that the phytosanitary condition of Russian grain was much better than that of the grain supplied by other exporting countries. Besides, at present Russian grain is more attractive at the global market owing to its lower price.

In its turn, the Rosselkhoznadzor reassured about the strict observance of the Indonesian quarantine phytosanitary requirements and the intensification of control over exported grain. Taking into account the Indonesian party’s interest in export deliveries of tropical fruits (papaya, mango, bananas) to the Russian market, the Rosselkhoznadzor representatives informed about the procedure for the entry of quarantinable products to the Eurasian Economic Union and provided the Indonesian colleagues with the English version of several EAEU regulatory documents governing the quarantinable product entry procedure for consultation.

In order to improve transparence and openness in the mutual deliveries of quarantinable products to the markets of the two countries, the parties discussed the possible harmonization of Russian and Indonesian phytosanitary surveillance information systems.

Moreover, the perspectives for further cooperation with Indonesia were discussed within the framework of the talks between the representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Ambassador of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Indonesia L. G. Vorobyeva and Trade Commissioner of the Russian Federation in Indonesia S. Yu. Rossomakhov.

For reference: in 2017/2018 agricultural year Russian wheat export to the Indonesian market exceeded 1.5 million tons, which is 4.1 times more as compared to that of 2016/2017 (360 thousand tons).


Jul 10, 2018

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