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Sergey Dankvert to Discuss Issues of Tomato Supplies from Armenia to Russia with Advisor to Minister of Agriculture of Armenia Armen Hayrapetyan

The meeting of the Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor with Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture of Armenia was held today in Moscow.

The key topic of the parties' dialogue was the issue of ensuring the phytosanitary security of the tomatoes supplied to Russia by the Armenian side.

It was noted that 450 vehicles with tomatoes from Armenia with a total weight of about 9,200 tons entered the territory of Russia in May. At the same time in 27 cases the Rosselkhoznadzor detected tomatoes infected with a tomato moth a dangerous for Russia harmful quarantine organism.

Earlier the Rosselkhoznadzor, via an official request, drew the attention of Armenian colleagues to the need of identifying zones free from this quarantine organism in Armenia and supplying tomatoes to Russia only from the phytosanitary areas of Armenia that are safe in phytosanitary terms. A similar request was expressed during the current meeting.

Mr. Hayrapetyan assured the Russian side of taking appropriate measures in the shortest possible time. 

To attention of media representatives: The Rosselkhoznadzor appeals to media representatives with a request not to politicize the issue of deliveries of tomatoes from the territory of Armenia to Russia. All aspects of this subject matter are purely technical in nature, aimed at the implementation by the supervisory authority of its direct functions regarding the phytosanitary disease freedom of the Russian territory. 

May 28, 2018