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Rosselkhoznadzor Talks with Heads of Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan

Within the framework of the meeting between RF Deputy Minister of Agriculture Evgeny Gromyko and Vice Minister of Japanese MAFF Hiromichi Matsushima on May 10 – 11, 2018 in Tokyo (Japan), devoted to the preparation to the Russian-Japanese meeting on the highest level in Saint Petersburg, talks between the representatives of Rosselkhoznadzor and MAFF Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau were held. The Rosselkhoznadzor was presented by Assistant to the Head Vasily Lavrovsky, Head of the Directorate for Phytosanitary Surveillance and Seed Control Irina Andreyevskaya, Deputy Head of the Directorate for International Cooperation and Veterinary Control of Export/Import and Transportation Darina Isakova, specialists from the subordinate FGBIs and the Japanese side was presented by Chief Veterinary Officer Norio Kumagai, Director of Plant Protection Division Kazuhiko Shimada, Director of Fisheries Processing and Marketing Division Takaaki Sakamoto and accompanying persons. In the course of the meeting, the parties discussed issues of mutual access of agricultural products to the markets of both countries, and the relevant protocol was signed based on the results of the meeting.

The Japanese Veterinary Service confirmed its intention to remove the important obstacle in the way of agreements, related to the conditions of Russian animal product supplies to the Japanese markets, and agreed to use the regionalization principles of the Russian Federation territory for AI, FMD and ASF. This will enable to export Russian poultry meat, beef and pork from the regions free from the abovementioned diseases. Decision on the conditions of fresh poultry meat access to the Japanese market from such regions will be submitted for agreement to the relevant food safety council within a month since the date when additional comments of the Rosselkhoznadzor to the report of the Japanese specialists on inspection of slaughterhouses and poultry farms in 2017 are received.

Norio Kumagai informed that the Japanese Veterinary Service is ready to extend the list of Russian establishments manufacturing heat-treated products from poultry, beef and pork destined for export to the Japanese market, if they are authorized based on the inspection results.

It was agreed to continue the dialogue on conditions of gaining access to the Japanese market for other agricultural products, like hay for livestock, rabbit meat, heat-treated offal of cloven-hoofed animals and live horses. In its turn, the Rosselkhoznadzor will consider the documents related to the access of Japanese poultry meat to the Russian market and increase in supplies of Japanese beef to Russia within a month from their receiving.

At the same time, the Japanese party requested to speed up the consideration of organic fertilizer export from Japan to Russia.

Takaaki Sakamoto welcomed the previously made decision of the Rosselkhoznadzor to resume import of fish and sea products from Japanese provinces affected by Fukushima nuclear accident in 2012 due to normalization of radiation environment in catching areas. Besides, several technical issues were discussed, which arise while registering establishments, wishing to export fish and sea products from Japan to Russia. The Russian party will provide consultative assistance to the Japanese quarantine service in arrangement of sakura branches for decoration purposes to Russia and in this context, quarantine phytosanitary requirements for this good were determined. The Japanese party expressed its interest to export peony roots to Russia, and for this purpose authorization of ornamental plant nurseries in Japan may be needed. In order to share experience, related to the activities and test methods for plant products the Rosselkhoznadzor invited the Japanese colleagues to visit the subordinate All-Russian Plant Quarantine Research Institute. The results of the talks between competent authorities of Russia and Japan were highly assessed by Evgeny Gromyko and Hiromichi Matsushima, who were present when the final protocol was signed. Deputy Ministers called to develop further cooperation in plant quarantine and veterinary surveillance.


May 12, 2018

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