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Rosselkhoznadzor Participated in Business Mission in Mexico, Paraguay and Columbia

Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznazor Yulia Shvabauskene took part in the large-scale business mission in Mexico, Paraguay and Columbia that was led by Minister of Industry and Trade D.V. Manturov.


In the course of consultations with the Mexican National Service for Agroalimentary Public Health, Safety and Quality (SENASICA) the sides declared about the possibility of increasing mutual exports of agricultural products and agreed to undertake appropriate measures aimed at safety provision of Russian grain supplies to Mexico as well Mexican fruit and vegetable products, beef and tuna fish to Russia.

The Mexican party had undertaken to submit all necessary information to the Russian side in the shortest time possible in order to arrange the inspection of Mexican fishery establishments scheduled for November-December in 2017, as well as to consider the issue of arranging a similar inspection of Mexican establishments for meat production.

The sides noted that export of grain and products thereof from Russia to Mexico shall be conducted in accordance with phytosanitary requirements stipulated by the legislation of Mexico in the sphere of plant quarantine. In 2016 grain exports to Mexico amounted to 489.7 thousand tons of wheat, for 8 months in 2017 exports reached 240 thousand tons.

In December 2016 the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food Supply of Mexican United States addressed to the Rosselkhoznadzor with a request to submit information required by the Mexican side for conducting phytosanitary risk analysis with regard to rye, barley, oat, sorgo, soya and panicum.

The requested information was jointly prepared by the Rosselkhoznadzor and its subordinate authorities and further directed to the Mexican side on 23 January 2017. In the course of the meeting the Mexican side provided additional questions in order to complete the phytosanitary risk analysis within the coming three months.

The sides agreed to discuss the possibility of mutual visits of technical experts in order to review the system of laboratory food safety provision for products of plant and animal origin.


There is annual growth of soybean supply volumes from Paraguay, so over 1 million tons of soybeans was exported to Russia in 2016, within 8 months of 2017 exports of soybeans amounted to 0,41 million tons.

The Paraguayan side expressed interest in further increasing exports of soybeans and assured that the supplies will be delivered in strict compliance with current quarantine, phytosanitary and biosafety requirements.

The sides gave a positive assessment of the stable cooperation development in exports of meat and meat products from Paraguay to the Russian Federation.


The Columbian side emphasized its interest in diversification of its food supply market. The Columbian domestic market has a serious potential for development but food exports from the third countries are complicated by customs import duties. This problem can be solved according to the Columbian side by establishing close links with potential exporters including Russia that can supply safe and quality grain.

The Columbian side informed that it had conducted phytosanitary risk analysis based on the previously submitted materials on the Russian buckwheat and opened access of Russian buckwheat to the Columbian market. Quarantine phytosanitary requirements of Columbia are available on the Rosselkhoznadzor official website in the section “Import. Export. Transit”.

Regarding access of Russian wheat the Columbian side promised to complete the phytosanitary risk analysis in the near future.

The sides also discussed temporary restrictions imposed by the Russian Federation on animal product exports due to FMD outbreak that occurred in Columbia in July 2017. The Russian side informed that the question of lifting these restrictions will be considered after the Columbian side arranges all necessary FMD containment measures and provides analysis of data submitted by the Columbian side.


Nov 2, 2017

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