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Rosselkhoznadzor Held Talks with Embassy of Republic of India in Russian Federation

On October 6 the meeting between Assistant to the Head Vasiliy Lavrovsky and newly appointed Counsellor of the Embassy of India in the RF Inbasekar Sunaramurti took place in the Rosselkhoznadzor. The parties discussed a wide range of issues related to ensuring productive bilateral animal and plant product trade.

The Indian party expressed interest in the growth of buffalo meat, egg powder, fish and seafood export to Russia, expansion of spice, nut and seed export. Inbasekar Sunaramurti expressed his appreciation for the harmonization of the Protocol on the terms of safe delivery and the veterinary certificate for pasteurized milk products exported from India to EAEU countries and asked for assistance in harmonizing it by all the member-countries.

Vasiliy Lavrovsky noted the success of India in arranging buffalo meat export deliveries to Asian and African markets (up to 1.5 million tons a year) and emphasized that issues concerning the increase in exports of the said products to Russia might be discussed after India settled system issues of ensuring epidemic and biological security. In this regard it makes sense to establish scientific and technical cooperation in order to develop an effective mechanism for monitoring foot-and-mouth disease and other dangerous animal diseases typical for India. In particular, the Indian party may take advantage of the long-term experience of the Federal Centre for Animal Health also being the OIE Reference Laboratory for Foot-and-Mouth Disease in studying, diagnosing and developing methods of disease control and prevention for achieving stable disease freedom. The access of Russian specialists to the Indian electronic FMD notification system could be an important step towards building trust in veterinary security system of India.

With regard to the increase of fish and seafood exports to Russia and the extension to the list of Indian export establishments the Rosselkhoznadzor focused the attention of the Indian party on the required updating of the current Register of establishments authorized for export to Russia in the view of their long-term commercial inactivity.

The parties agreed that it was necessary to take into consideration the reciprocal interests of business partners while establishing trade relations and seek an equivalent approach during mutual agricultural produce deliveries.

The Russian Service noted that Russian exporters were ready to increase grain exports to India and expand their range, and also to develop the export of various safe and high quality animal products. The Rosselkhoznadzor submitted the revised veterinary certificate draft regulating poultry export from Russia to India to the Indian party for harmonization and also asked for assistance in obtaining veterinary and sanitary requirements for fresh and ready-to-eat fish and seafood export to India.

The Indian party emphasized that investing Indian capital in the construction of joint ventures for animal product and pulse crop production and also timber processing followed by export to India and other countries with a large number of Indian population might be a promising aspect of cooperation between the two countries.

The Roselkhosnadzor informed the Indian Embassy in Moscow about recently reached agreements with the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare of Republic of India on issuing phytosanitary certificates for products exported to Russia, the possibility of amending the EEC Uniform Phytosanitary Requirements for imported plant products, the procedure of fumigation of Russian grain planned for export to India, and also about preparations for a forthcoming visit of the Head of the Quarantine Service of India.

The Indian party invited the Rosselkhoznadzor to take part in the International India Food Forum Exhibition due to take place in Mumbai in the second half of January 2018 in order to discuss prospects for future cooperation.


Oct 10, 2017

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