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Russian poultry Establishments Are Provided Access to Iraq Market

Three Russian establishments producing poultry products (ZAO «Stavropolsky broiler», Blagodarstvenny branch; OOO «Ptitsekombinat»; OAO «Ptitsefabrica Vasilyevskaya») are authorized for export of their products to Iraq based on the inspection carried out by Iraqi experts in April 2017.

Therewith, according to the Iraqi party requirements the business operator interested in export of its products to Iraq shall initiate itself the said procedure jointly with Iraqi importer. The next step for authorization is a visit of Iraqi experts for inspection of the establishment. The Rosselkhoznadzor is ready to send its experts for participation in the said inspection.

However, because of the fact that a ban on import of Russian poultry meat and poultry meat products due to avian influenza outbreaks is currently in place in Iraq the regionalization of the Russian Federation territory on avian influenza shall be performed for approval of poultry product export to Iraq. For this purpose, Iraqi colleagues are going to visit Russia in the nearest future for consultations on the matter.

Aug 24, 2017

Categorys: Veterinary , Import. Export. Transit