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Harmonization of Veterinary Certificates for Goods Exported from Russian Federation to State of Qatar

On April 24, 2017 in the course of the consultations between experts within the framework of the Third Russian-Qatar Intergovernmental Commission for Trade, Economic and Scientific and Technical Cooperation the negotiations between the representatives of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance and Ministry of Municipality and Environment of the State of Qatar took place.

The parties harmonized seven veterinary certificates for the following types of products:

- Lamb meat, goat meat, meat products and offals from slaughtered and processed sheep and goats;

- Meat, meat products and offals from slaughtered and processed cattle;

- Canned meat, sausages and other types of RTE meat products;

- Meat, meat products and offals from slaughtered and processed poultry;

- Day-old chicks, poults, ducklings, ostrich chicks and incubation eggs of these species;

- Egg powder, mélange, albumin and other chicken egg products;

- Table eggs.

The export of the mentioned products can start if accompanied with appropriate veterinary certificates and Halal certificates from Russian establishments controlled by the National Veterinary Service of the Russian Federation. The Rosselkhoznadzor will send a list of such establishments to the Qatar party as well as information and documents about the RF Veterinary Service. When this information is studied the Qatar party will include these establishments into a relevant list.

The parties discussed cooperation between veterinary competent authorities and agreed to arrange a closer interaction in assurance of epidemic favorable situation in the countries as well as food safety of exported regulated products by improving contacts between scientific institutions of Qatar and Russia. For this purpose the Rosselkhoznadzor invited Qatar specialists to the federal centers subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor and involved into food safety and animal health control (FGBI All-Russian State Center for Quality and Standardization of Veterinary Drugs and Feeds (VGNKI) and FGBI Federal center for Animal Health (ARRIAH)) to get familiarized with their activities. The visit dates will be agreed in due course. The Russian party will also send information about the FGBIs VGNKI and ARRIAH to the Qatar party. Taking into account the concerns of the Qatar party about the avian influenza epidemic situation in several RF regions the Russian party explained that in accordance with the OIE Code and Rosselkhoznadzor legislation the regionalization principle is used and the export of poultry products is possible only from the territories free from avian influenza. This principle is agreed by the parties in the said veterinary certificates. The Russian party will also provide more detailed information about control measures taken to eradicate this disease.

The Qatar party also expressed its interest in the development of scientific and technical cooperation in aquaculture. For this purpose the Russian party invited the Qatar colleagues to the FGBI “National Fish Safety” subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor.

The parties also agreed to hold a meeting on the margins of the OIE General Session in Paris in May 2017. It was also agreed to hold additional consultations if it is needed and feasibility of video and teleconference use was noted.  

Apr 25, 2017

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