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Keeping Records of Sampling from Animal Products

In order to implement the Rosselkhoznadzor Instruction No. FS-NV-2/9959 dd. 14.09.2009, it is obliged to keep records of samples taken from animal products from foreign plants under enhanced laboratory control, according to the attached form.

The given form should be in Excel format and it is necessary to send it to the Rosselkhoznadzor every week (on Mondays) to fsvps-labctrl@fsvps.ru.

In addition, it is necessary to present the information about the amount of the taken samples in the same form according to the Rosselkhoznadzor Instructions No. Fs-NV-2/7205 dd. 15.07.2009, No. FS-NV-2/6941 dd. 09.07.2009 and No. FS-NV-2/6068 dd. 22.06.2009.

The Rosselkhoznadzor Instructions No.FS-NV-2/8086 dd. 31.07.2009, No.FS-NV-2/8016 dd. 30.07.2009, No.FS-NV-2/7205 dd. 15.07.2009, No.FS-NV-2/6941 dd. 09.07.2009, No.FS-NV-2/6068 dd. 22.06.2009, No.FS-NV-2/5841 dd. 16.06.2009, No.FS-NV-2/5214 dd. 01.06.2009,No.FS-AS-2/4965 dd. 25.05.2009, No.FS-NV-2/4618 dd. 15.05.2009, No.FS-NV-2/3661 dd. 22.04.2009, No.FS-NV-2/3389 dd. 17.04.2009, No.FS-AS-2/2873 dd. 03.04.2009, No.FS-NV-2/2807 dd. 02.04.2009, No.FS-AS-2/2505 dd. 25.03.2009, No.FS-NV-2/2301 dd. 19.03.2009, No.FS-NV-2/2214 dd. 17.03.2009, No.FS-NV-2/1999 dd. 12.03.2009, No.FS-NV-2/1437 dd. 24.02.2009, No.FS-NV-2/1224 dd. 13.02.2009, No.FS-NV-2/664 dd. 03.02.2009, No.FS-NV-2/446 dd. 27.01.2009, No.FS-NV-2/222 dd. 20.01.2009, No.FS-NV-2/13 dd. 11.01.2009, No.FS-NV-2/13208 dd. 25.10.2008, No.FS-NV-2/13207 dd. 25.12.2008, No.FS-AS-2/12570 dd. 10.12.2008, No.FS-NV-2/12265 dd. 03.12.2008, No.FS-NV-2/12037 dd. 27.11.2008, No.FS-NV-2/12036 dd. 27.11.2008, No.FS-AS-2/11433 dd. 13.11.2008, No.FS-AS-2/11389 dd. 12.11.2008, No.FS-AS-2/11082 dd. 30.10.2008, No.FS-NV-2/10729 dd. 21.10.2008, No.FS-NV-2/10669 dd. 21.10.2008, No.FS-NV-2/10433 dd. 14.10.2008, No.FS-NV-2/10005 dd. 01.10.2008, No.FS-NV-2/9161 dd. 10.09.2008, No.FS-NV-2/9015 dd. 08.09.2008, No.FS-NV-2/8913 dd. 04.09.2008 cease to be in force.

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Nov 26, 2009

Categorys: Normative documents , Veterinary