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Inspection of Plants Planning to Export Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products into the EU Countries

The Rosselkhoznadzor points to the fact that during the preparation of plants planning to export poultry meat and poultry meat products into the EU countries the EC inspectors will audit these plants. The inspection aims at overall quality and safety control assessment of poultry products. It raises a range of issues concerning the necessity to carry out laboratory tests of technological raw materials, materials in use and finished products. These studies are required by the EU standards. That means any plant including raw materials plants (e.g. farms, poultry plants) should first have an agreement with one or several laboratories enabled to carry out tests for all the range of components indicated in the EU regulatory documents. Second, they should have test results issued as acts. Otherwise a plant has no chance to be approved.

Water is one of the kinds of technological raw materials. Water requirements are given in the EU Instruction No. 98/83/EU dd. 3.11.1998.

It is required to take measures for compliance with the mentioned Instruction No. 98/83/EU dd. 3.11.1998 requirements.

The laboratory tests specified in the Instruction can be carried out in any properly approved laboratory regardless of its departmental affiliation.

If there is not such a laboratory in your region you can apply to the FGI “Central Scientific - Methods Veterinary Laboratory” (FGI “SCMVL”) where the whole range of tests is carried out.

In order to force the pre-approval test process, the agreement form for FGI “SCMVL” and contact information are given on the web-site of the Rosselkhoznadzor : http://fsvps.ru in the section Structure/ vet laboratories/Central Scientific - Methods Veterinary Laboratory.

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Sep 18, 2009

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