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Rosselkhoznadzor instruction dd. 14.07.09 No. FS-GGVI/7179

Taking into account the stable freedom of the Great Britain from avian influenza, on 15.07.2009 the Rosselkhoznadzor recalls the instruction dd. 05.02.2007 No. FS-SD-2/983 on temporary restrictions on the import of live poultry, hatching eggs, poultry meat and all types of poultry products, feeds and feed additives for poultry as well as second-hand poultry management, slaughter and cutting equipment from that country to Russian Federation.

At the same time, on 15.07.2009 the Rosselkhoznadzor recalls the instruction dd. 06.08.2007 No. FS-SD-2/7633 on temporary restrictions imposed due to an FMD outbreak in the Great Britain on the import of pigs and wild ungulate animals, as well as all types of products of animal origin from the given animals, feeds for these animals and secondhand livestock management equipment from the Great Britain to Russia.

Due to the severe epidemic situation on the new influenza virus H1N1 in the Great Britain, the Rosselkhoznadzor instruction dd. 05.05.2009 No. FS-NV-2/4204 on the import of live pigs, pork and non-heat treated pork products (processing temperature is at least 800C, time – at least 30 minutes) from the whole territory of the Great Britain to Russia remains in force.

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Jul 15, 2009

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