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Rosselkhoznadzor instruction No FS-NV 2/6855 dd. 09.07.2009

Due to the detection of banned and harmful substances during monitoring study within the next 3 months control over animal products exported to the Russian Federation from the following meat processing enterprises of foreign countries shall be enhanced:

According to the Rosselkhoznadzor instruction No FS-NV 2/10741 dd. 22.10.2008 samples shall be taken from each incoming consignment (not more than 10 consignments) to carry out laboratory tests for the detection of banned and harmful substances.

At the same time the presence of products manufactured at the specified enterprises in facilities subject to veterinary surveillance shall be checked. In case such products are identified the Rosselkhoznadzor instruction No FS-SD 2/3536 dd. 18.04.2007 (items 4-6) shall be observed.

The more detailed information on the instruction is available here.

Jul 10, 2009

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