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Results of the Rosselkhoznadzor’s activity in soil samples splitting and its analysis in first half-year of 2014

Rosselkhoznadzor’s Local Administrations together with the subordinate federal state budgetary institutions in order to control over maintaining of soil fertility and identification of chemical, pathogen and ecopathogen contaminations in soils took 11115 samples from 148000 ha, including 5487 samples for agrochemical tests and 3411 samples for chemical and toxicological tests. Decrease of soil fertility was detected in 1599 samples on 25800 ha. Contamination was detected in 1289 samples on 5715 ha.

The greatest cases of contaminations were:

– nitrates on 1610,17 ha;

– heavy metal salts on 1896,5 ha;

– mineral oil on 39,42 ha;

– microbiological contamination (including helminth eggs) on 972,12 ha.


Jul 21, 2014

Categorys: State ground control