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Dankvert Sergey Alexeevich

Head of Federal Service

Class 1 Active State Advisor of the Russian Federation

Candidate of Sciences (Agriculture), Doctor of Sciences (Economics)

Member of the State Border Commission under the Russian Government, Government Commission on WTO issues and interaction of Russia and the Organization of Economic Cooperation, Government Commission for Technical Regulation, Council for Forest Industry Development, Government Commission on agro-industrial sector issues, Government Commission on economic integration issues.

Awarded with the "Medal of Merit for Labour", medal "In Commemoration of 850-th Anniversary of Moscow", rank "Honoured Worker of Agriculture of the Russian Federation". Detailes

Vlasov Nikolai Anatolyevich

Deputy Head

Class 3 Active State Advisor of the Russian Federation

Responsible for organization of the Rosselkhoznadzor activities in the filed of veterinary control and surveillance. Ensures direct management of activities of the Department for Veterinary Surveillance. Detailes

Alexeyeva Svetlana Alexandrovna

Deputy Head

Class 3 Active State Advisor of the Russian Federation.

She provides arrangement of activities in the following area: performance by the Rosselkhoznadzor functions of the treasurer and recipient of funds from the federal budget; financial accounting and reporting; administration of federal property assigned to the Rosselkhoznadzor, its subordinate organizations on the basis of operational management; placing orders for procurement for Rosselkhoznadzor state requirements as well as placing orders for carrying out researches for other state requirements in the determined scope of activities; internal financial control and internal financial audit.

She performs direct management of the arrangement of works of the Administration of Finance and Provision of Rosselkhoznadzor Activities. Detailes

Shvabauskene Julia Alexandrovna

Deputy Head

Graduated from The Leningrad State University, named after A. A. Zhdanov and Decorated with the Order of Lenin and the Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1989). She has the title "Honorable Worker of Agro-Industrial Complex of Russia" (2014).